Phoenix Poland offers a range of services in the field of marine electronics, automation and control systems

Design and installation of complete power units, together with PMS. Diagnosis and repair of faults on-board, providing vessels with spare parts and replacements. Renovation of damaged electronic modules in our well-equipped workshop.

Our priority is to provide vessels with comprehensive and high quality support.

New projects:

We offer combined brand choices, including Sole Diesel, Baudouin, ABC as well as power management systems and generator/propulsion engine control systems powered by ComAp technology – approved by the DNV, GL, LR and CRS Registers.

Due to the wide range and high configurability of ComAp products, the resulting system is well-suited to your needs.

Our field of services include:

Inspection and repair of ship’s electrical systems, such as:

Mechanical equipment

Deck equipment

Bridge equipment

Electronic workshop:

Phoenix Poland offers the workshop repair of electronic modules. We have the required experience in servicing old equipment, including when there are no replacement parts. Before each repair, we perform a free evaluation and quote.

New projects: