Long-term food for Ukraine needed

Dear All,
As you are all aware, the tragic situation in Ukraine is getting much worse every day. And although many governments, organizations, and individuals are showing their support for the people of Ukraine, the images and stories we are receiving are heartbreaking.The invasion has shocked an entire world. This is first and foremost a human tragedy and a threat against democracy, and I know we are all deeply concerned.

Phoenix Poland is doing everything to support refugees and we will try and help in any way we can. At the moment, over 2.500.000 refugees from Ukraine have already crossed the Polish border already.
and 10.000.000 Ukrainian citizen left their homes and stayed in Ukraine. We kindly ask for support and supplies, which will be send directly to Ukraine for internal refuges.
The most needed foods :
• canned meat
• canned fish
• canned ham
• groats
• pasta
• rice
• long-term processed food
Any kind of help is needed. If you have a possibility, please send it to our address:
Phoenix Poland
71-425 Szczecin,
Lutniana 14,
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Many thanks,
Mirosław Bułdo & Phoenix Poland Team
#standwithukraine #people #help #helpukraine


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