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Phoenix Poland is based in Szczecin

The company was established in 2005 in Szczecin as a company providing repair and overhaul services for marine engines. It owes its rapid development to the work of experienced and qualified staff, which is also its greatest value. Having the potential and knowledge, it employs top-class specialists and mechanics. Thanks to training at renowned engine manufacturers, such as: MAN, MAK, CAT, Daihatsu, Yanmar, Moteurs Baudouin, ABC and others guarantees the highest quality of service and reliability of the engines and aggregates after repair or inspection.

Phoenix Poland is not only a strong and stable Polish company, recognized on the international market and operating for over 15 years in the maritime and industrial sectors. This is the practical knowledge of our certified engineers and service technicians, supported by extensive experience in the implementation of projects of the highest standard. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions, ranging from distribution, technical consulting, to full implementation – service and support, with full adaptation to individual needs.

We provide the following services worldwide:


Quick facts:

Comprehensive service

The service covers the entire life cycle of the technology: technical consulting -> construction and delivery of solutions from renowned manufacturers -> ongoing monitoring of engine operation and technical condition using a proprietary application -> maintenance and service all over the world.

Experience, professionalism, the highest standards

15 years of experience, certified employees, over 10,000 repaired engines and aggregates all over the world.

A wide range, the highest quality

We offer solutions for the maritime and rail industry, we implement industrial, cogeneration and biogas projects. We provide and support technologies of leading manufacturers of engines and power generators: Sole Diesel, Nanni Energy, Anglo Belgium Corporation, Motour Baudouin, RDDG, ABC.

Availability and quick response

Our design and service team is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Global reach

Our mobile service team guarantees full service all over the world.

A modern repair facility

The newest Repair Plant of Engines and Generators in Stargard is a guarantee of the highest standards:
- zero CO2 emissions and ecological activity in accordance with EU ecological and environmental standards confirmed by the ISO 14001: 2015 certificate,
- quality and safety - we meet the international requirements for the DNV GL ISO 9001 quality management system "


The people who create it decide about the company's success.

We believe that in our industry, the basis of success is a well-coordinated team with clearly defined goals. We have appropriate qualifications, authorizations, solid competences, knowledge of technology and a thorough understanding of today’s maritime market reality, supported by many years of experience gained both at home and abroad.

Our staff consists of an effective, well-coordinated and goal-oriented team that recognizes values such as: empathy, tolerance, kindness, mutual respect and trust. We do what we believe! In our daily work, we share a sense of humor and optimism. We focus on people with passion and positive energy. We are involved in charity and social campaigns.

Apply to us!

Invariably developing our company, we are looking for outstanding specialists, noticing the potential, talent and commitment to intensify business successes together.

We are guided by professionalism, commitment and cooperation. If you share the same values as we do, please send your CV! We will contact you when a position that is right for you is created.

We also invite people willing to participate in internships and apprenticeships.


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